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Here’s a quick overview of the DIY Startup Bootcamp 👇

Click each triangle toggle below for a quick snapshot of each Phase of the Bootcamp and its corresponding modules.

Phase 1 - Validate Your Business Idea
Module 1: Napkin Math Part 1

Begin thinking through your business idea with numbers (sales, costs, net profit, etc.)

Module 2: Napkin Math Part 2

Begin thinking through your costs and include them in our Napkin Math.

Module 3: Constructing a Profitable Business Model

Find a way to increase your Net Profit (before taxes) figure from the last module.

Module 4: Let’s Test a New Model

See if we can reach our target Net Profit (before taxes) figure by modifying your business model.

Module 5: Your First “Prototype”

Create a visual sketch of your idea.

Module 6: Initial Research

Clarify your Value Proposition and get the background information you need to move forward with interviewing Potential Customers and Industry Insiders.

Module 7: Get Out of the Office

Validate your idea with Potential Customers and Industry Insiders.

Phase 2 - Prepare to Go Live and Launch

Phase 2 is about getting you and your business ready to “open your doors” to the world and launch.

Module 1: What Is a Business Plan & Why Make One?

Understand why it is critical to create a plan to launch, operate, and grow your business.

Module 2: Plan of Attack

Let’s lay out just how you will be creating and assembling your Business Plan.

Module 3: Target Market & Marketing Plan

Accurately describe your Target Market and create your Marketing Plan. Then, you’ll be able to write up this section of your Business Plan.

Module 4: Operations

Determine exactly what it will take to set up your business before launching and to sort out how you will operate your business after you launch.

Module 5: Leadership & Management Team

Determine how you will manage your team and all the work that needs to be done in order to operate your business.

Module 6: Financial Intro

Introduce you to the four main financial tools that you’ll use to create Financial Projections for your business.

Module 7: Cash Flow

Introduce you to Cash Flow and help you start using it in your business.

Module 8: Profit & Loss

Introduce you to the Profit & Loss Statement and help you start using it in your business.

Module 9: Break-Even

Introduce you to Break-Even and show you how to find the Break-Even Point for your business.

Module 10: Balance Sheet

Introduce you to the Balance Sheet as a tool for keeping track of how well your business is doing over time.

Module 11: Charts & Tables

Create the charts and tables that you’ll use in your Business Plan to help present and summarize your Financials. 

Module 12: Ask & Deal

Create your Ask & Deal section of your Business Plan.

Module 13: Complete Your Business Plan

Complete the remaining sections of your Business Plan and bring them all together.

Module 14: Executive Summary

Create your Business Plan’s Executive Summary.

Phase 3 - Obtain the Funding You Need

Phase 3 is about creating a compelling fundraising presentation to help you explain or pitch your business idea to family, friends, lenders, investors, and potential employees or partners.

Module 2: Create Your Script

Create a narrative script (with visuals) that you will use when filming your fundraising presentation.

Module 3: Film & Practice

Get your presentation on video, and then practice and tweak it until you are happy and excited with the final version.

Get Help When You’re Stuck

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