Napkin Math Google Sheet

Napkin Math Google Sheet

Napkin Math (Google Sheet)

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We created this simple Google Sheet to help you organize your Sales and Costs estimates for Napkin Math. After you enter in numbers as Sales and Costs, this sheet will automatically calculate your Net Profit (before taxes). You can also add notes for each estimate under our “Notes” column.

Here’s an example of what this sheet looks like filled out:


How to Use This Sheet

After opening the link above, you’ll need to make your own copy of our template so that you can edit and customize it with your own business information. This is really easy to do–it takes about 5 seconds.

Step 1: In the top left corner of the menu click File > Make a copy.

Step 2: Then, name your copy and choose where you’d like to save it in your Google Drive (or just leave the default “My Drive” selected).


Need Some Help?

If you have any trouble or technical issues using this sheet, please contact us here. We’re always ready to help!