Phase 3 Preamble

Phase 3 Preamble

Phase 3: Preamble

🎯 Our goal in Phase 3 is to create a compelling fundraising presentation to help you explain or pitch your business idea to family, friends, lenders, investors, and potential employees or partners.

Think about it. If a friend, family member, colleague from work, or even a potential employee asks you to tell them about your “business idea”, what are you going to say? 

Or, after you launch and begin operating, if someone asks you to tell them about your business, what are you going to say?

If you need money to launch your business, the same question will arise whether you are talking to lenders, investors, or are planning a crowdfunding campaign. 

What are you going to tell them?

Creating a presentation will prepare you to respond to this question with a clear, concise, and consistent story that you can adapt or tweak for any audience or situation.

Our objective here is to distill your Business Plan down into a powerful “movie trailer” that will inspire friends, family, potential employees, partners, investors, lenders, and anybody else interested in what you are doing to be a part of it (in some capacity).

After you create your presentation, we strongly encourage you to record yourself presenting it to an imaginary audience. 

Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through every step in the next modules.

Let’s get started! ⚡

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