Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Module 14: Executive Summary

🎯 Our goal in this module is to create your Business Plan’s Executive Summary.

Let’s see where you are in the process of bringing together your Business Plan:

The Problem (Done)
Your Solution (Done)
Your Company Description (Done)
Your Value Proposition (Done)
Summary of Your Research (Done)
Your Analysis of the Industry (Done)
Your Assessment of the Competition (Done)
Your Target Market & Marketing Plan (Done)
Your Operations (Done)
Your Leadership & Management Team (Done)
Your Financials (Done)
Ask & Deal (Done)

That’s it.

Business Plan (Done)

Well, at least your first draft is 99% Done.

Before opening the champagne to celebrate, read through your Business Plan to make any edits. 

  • Make sure that it flows well and seamlessly. 
  • Add visuals to highlight and emphasize important points, strengthen your narrative, and make your story visually appealing and easier to read and understand. 
  • These could include photos, graphs, tables, charts, text boxes, quotes from potential customers and industry insiders, etc.

Ask a few of your friends and colleagues to read it and give you feedback. Then, make any changes that you feel are needed.

One Final Step: Create an Executive Summary.

⚡Action Step

Create your Executive Summary.

Your Executive Summary is just a brief summary of your entire Business Plan that you will include at the very beginning of your document before all of your other sections. 

It should be no more than two pages long. 

Just go through your Business Plan and condense each section down into about two-three sentences.

Your Executive Summary will give readers an overview of your entire Business Plan—a thumbnail sketch that covers all the main points. 

We’ll use your Executive Summary as a template for creating a powerful fundraising presentation in Phase 3.


Now, you can celebrate!  🎉

🗂️ Resources

Scroll left-to-right across the table below to view all columns. Click on any item in the leftmost column to open that specific resource page.
Business Plan Core Template
Business PlanBizActually
A no-frills Business Plan template in Google Sheets. (Created by our Team)

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